What value do DevOps bring in your organization?


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I believe I needed to write this since I'm thinking really hard recently about my role as a DevOps engineer in the Software Development World. Are we considered "Hidden Figures?" ( a recommended movie btw ) short for folks who work in the background. Or our roles are much bigger than this? This is where we find out.

The main value lies within the application the software engineer had created. A combination of front-end/backend carefully designed, quality interface and functional. After all, that's what software engineering businesses are doing ~ application creation for stakeholders. That's where the value and profit will come from.

How can you build a production line of cars without knowing how to build a car?

I felt that my role is limited and that my only added value here is making sure that the process of building the application is secure and reliable. The CI/CD Pipeline is where my service is needed the most.

However, are our role stops from there? Making application lifecycle much faster? Or is there something more?

(The picture below is taken from mikael's blog from mikael.devops.ph)

DevOps is more than just CI/CD.

You add business value to the following:

  • A proper system of application deployments.

  • Security and Compliance

  • Cost Cutting measures.

  • Reliable Self-Managed Infrastructures.

  • Observability

  • Infrastructure Automation

As a DevOps, your value comes from making everything in the SDLC process reliable, compliant, cost-effective, and automated all the time.