Choose your DevOps Weapon

Choose your DevOps Weapon

Feb 1, 2023ยท

1 min read

I just realized as I explore more about cloud providers and cloud native solutions, it is important to have a FOCUS on a specific tool that you know.

To help you define such characteristics it must have:

  • Active and Large Community

  • Well understood Resources and Documentation

An Example would be CNCF, some of the projects will not run without a container orchestration tool (possible but maybe hard to make a workaround) because it needs Kubernetes. So define what orchestration tool you need. In this case, Kubernetes is widely used by organization, has an active community and well understood resources that can be found across the Internet.

In CI/CD, it can be using a self-hosted solution such as GITLAB, Jenkins or ARGOCD , depends on your preference. I prefer to use Gitlab.

Define your devops toolbox and study it from its deepest concepts.

Although technology changes a lot, it is here to stay and can be ported into other solutions. Be like water as they say. ๐Ÿ‘