AWS and Azure Networking and Big Data Pipelines

AWS and Azure Networking and Big Data Pipelines


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This is a discussion on Azure and AWS Cloud Environments.

- Azure Virtual Network (VNET) = AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
- VPC = emulation of your infrastructure, spans all Availability sets/zones.

- can only belong to one AZ.
- defined by the IP blocks we assigned to it.
- subnets can be private or public (if has IGW attached).

- it allows resources inside the VPC to access the Internet.
- one igw per VPC.
- different types of gateways

- Azure Network Security Groups.
- Azure Network Virtual Appliances.
- AWS NACL and SG.

Route Tables

- Set of rules/routes where traffic will be redirected. (e.g. Associate subnet to a specific rule on a via route table).
Connectivity Options
1. VNET Peering / VPC Peering (Azure)
2. VPN Gateway / AWS Transit Gateway (AWS)

Check AWS documentation for more info: